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Our role in breast cancer and other breast disorders is to help in early detection and monitoring of abnormal physiology and the establishment of risk factors for the development or existence of cancer. When used with other procedures the best possible evaluation of breast health is made.

What is Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging?

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) is a 15-30 minute non invasive test of physiology. It is a valuable procedure for alerting your doctor to changes that can indicate early stage breast disease.

The benefit of DITI testing is that it offers the opportunity of earlier detection of breast disease than has been possible through breast self examination, doctor examination or mammography alone.

DITI detects the subtle physiologic changes that accompany breast pathology, whether it is cancer, fibrocystic disease, an infection or a vascular disease. Your doctor can then plan accordingly and lay out a careful program to further diagnose and /or MONITOR you during and after any treatment.

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Breast Health
Head & Neck
OB-GYN Reproductive

Thermography scan

How does the procedure work?

This quick and easy test starts with your medical history being taken before you partially disrobe for the scanning to be performed. This first session provides the baseline of your “thermal signature”.

A subsequent session assures that the patterns remain unchanged.

All of your thermograms (breast images) are kept on record and once your stable thermal pattern has been established any changes can be detected during your routine annual studies.


Medical thermography

Who is the procedure for?

All women can benefit from DITI breast screening. However, it is especially appropriate for younger women (30 - 50) whose denser breast tissue makes it more difficult for mammography to be effective.

Also for women of all ages who, for many reasons, are unable to undergo routine mammography. This test can provide a ‘clinical marker’ to the doctor or mammographer that a specific area of the breast needs particularly close examination.

It takes years for a tumor to grow thus the earliest possible indication of abnormality is needed to allow for the earliest possible treatment and intervention. DITI’s role in monitoring breast health is to help in early detection and monitoring of abnormal physiology.


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Thermography is not only for women, and goes beyond breast health.

  • Head/Neck

  • Chest/Upper Back

  • Abdomen

  • Breasts

  • Arms/Hands

  • Legs

  • Feet

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Breast Thermography


Aids in early detection of breast disease!

  • Early risk markers

  • Fibrocystic changes

  • Lymphatic congestion

  • Vascular changes

  • Hormonal changes

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Women’s Health Check


Preventative screening tells you before your body does!

  • Breast Health

  • Digestive abnormalities

  • Head and Neck views

  • Vascular inflammation

  • Auto-immune dysfunction

  • OB-GYN & reproductive

  • inflammation

  • Thyroid dysfunction

  • Injury monitoring

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Full Body Thermography


Images are taken from head to toe, and can aid in the diagnosis and prognosis for many conditions and injuries.

  • Arthritis

  • Headache

  • Nerve Damage

  • Unexplained Pain

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Dental infection

  • TMJ, Artery inflammation

  • ...and more!

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The Meditherm IRIS 640 thermal imaging system

Thermographic Camera

The Meditherm IRIS 640

The Meditherm IRIS 640 thermal imaging system is an infrared thermal imaging device designed for viewing and digitally storing thermal images. Meditherm stands as the industry leader with the largest network of doctors and technicians worldwide and the longest established infrastructure covering manufacture, marketing and support.

This Meditherm System is intended for adjunctive use within medical and clinical applications that have been cleared by the FDA.

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Certified Thermographer

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