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Based in Medford, Oregon, Oregon Thermography offers state-of-the-art thermographic imaging services, aiding individuals in the early identification and ongoing tracking of a range of health


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How Oregon Thermography Helps You

Region of Interest

Focuses on pinpointed regions of the body, including head and neck, chest, upper back, abdomen, breasts, arms and hands, legs, and feet. This specialized approach in thermographic scanning allows for detailed health evaluations and diagnostic insights in specific bodily areas.

Breast Thermography

Specializing in the early detection of breast-related diseases, this service leverages thermal imaging technology. It's instrumental in spotting early signs of breast disease, tracking fibrocystic developments, lymphatic blockages, as well as vascular and hormonal fluctuations, thereby playing a vital role in proactive breast health care.

Women’s Health Check

This thorough screening is designed to identify potential health concerns before they manifest as symptoms. It encompasses a range of areas including breast wellness, digestive irregularities, inflammation markers, autoimmune conditions, reproductive health matters, thyroid irregularities, and more.

Full-Body Thermography

Offering full-body thermographic scans, this service is essential for diagnosing and managing a variety of conditions like arthritis, nerve dysfunctions, unexplained pains, fibromyalgia, dental problems, and others. It's particularly valuable in medical specialties such as rheumatology, neurology, and sports medicine.

Digital Infrared Imaging in Medford, Oregon

Oregon Thermography in Medford specializes in high-end Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging, offering a non-intrusive, radiation-free, and comfortable method for health screening. Our expertise lies in the early recognition and tracking of various health issues. We utilize cutting-edge technology to provide FDA-approved thermographic scans that ensure precise health evaluations.

Comfortable and non-invasive screening process for a stress-free health evaluation.

Early identification of physiological changes, contributing to preventive health measures.

Comprehensive range of services encompassing breast health assessments, full-body scans, and targeted area scans.

Utilization of modern thermography technology for reliable health insights.

Services designed for diverse age groups, with particular attention to women’s health.

Highly experienced team, with over four decades of collective experience in health wellness and prevention.


About Oregon Thermography

Located in beautiful Medford, Oregon, Oregon Thermography is a frontrunner in Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) services. Our foundation is built upon over 40 years of collective expertise in wellness, and our team is devoted to offering the most advanced thermographic solutions. We focus on non-invasive, radiation-free methods that ensure patient comfort while yielding precise and vital health information.

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Choose the thermography service that best fits your health needs. Our options include full-body scans, breast thermography, and specific region of interest analyses.

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Dedicated to the Medford Community
Oregon Thermography is well rooted in the Medford, Oregon community, embodying the essence of local service and care. As a business that is both locally owned and operated, we hold a special commitment to serving our fellow residents with tailored and approachable thermography services. Our operations are driven by a sincere passion for promoting health awareness and a dedication to offering compassionate, personal care. We are firm believers in fostering meaningful, individual connections with our clients, recognizing their specific health needs, and delivering the thoughtful, knowledgeable care they deserve, all within the welcoming community of Medford.

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Thermography uses a highly sensitive infrared camera to capture thermal images of the body, detecting differences in temperature patterns, which can indicate inflammation or tissue abnormalities. It's a proactive health tool, similar to lab values, for indicating potential health issues before they become symptomatic.